Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Get a friggin' grip!

"A Wellington community police constable has come under fire for making graffiti offenders wear a pink vest while painting over their tags.

Constable Theo Gommans said the vests, emblazoned with the word "tagger", would make the offenders think about the consequences of their actions.

He had already seen a reduction in tagging offences since he began touring schools with the pink vest, he told Radio New Zealand.

However, Wellington City Councillor Iona Pannett wants the pink vests banned.

She likened them to techniques used in Nazi Germany, where pink triangle badges were used to identify homosexuals in concentration camps."

What colour is the friggin' sky on YOUR planet? ANYONE working outside has to wear dayglo now. Take a look around you. I would prefer 'Tagger' to be branded on their foreheads!

This policeman deserves an award and promotion!

The councillor WOFTAM needs a size 12 up the arse. Her reality check just bounced...

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