Saturday, March 22, 2014

Wagging isn't always bad

Truancy peaked on Fridays and Mondays, as did "justified absences", the report showed.
Schools are also struggling with "parent-condoned truancy", including parents pulling kids from school to take advantage of cheap overseas holiday deals. (Bold Mine)
Principal Youth Court Judge Andrew Becroft said not attending school was a "massive risk factor"…"
Yep, guilty of having pulled the kids out of school to go on holiday. Couldn't afford to take them on holiday during the school holiday period, as accommodation was at a premium- certainly anything affordable was booked out.
Maybe I could have afforded to do so on a teacher's pay.
The school was good about it, though. (why my kids went to that particular school ;-) We agreed that a week of touring the country was more value to their real world education than sitting in school learning how to spell 'sheep'...


the conservative said...

Travel is always good education, and the more kids can do it the more their eyes open.

KG said...

Given decent parents, a week touring the countryside and camping etc is of far more value than a week in the Indoctrination Centre.

tom hull said...

Do they teach kids to spell nowdays,I,m amazed,didn,t think there was time after all the p c nonsense