Thursday, March 06, 2014

Not Hyperbole

Any doubts that this place IS the Village of the Damned?

What next?

Volcano time?


John B said...

Storm of the century? A 100-year event?

Methinks we'll another similar in scale within a couple of years...

PM of NZ said...

Just wait till the opening zipper in the earth's crust that is the 4000Km Kermadec Trench opens another 15Km or so further south behind ex-volcano Banks Peninsula through the VoD.

I reckon the earthquakes cracked the crust and as you say, next will be volcanic activity.

KG said...

Not the place to buy a house, then? ;)

paul scott said...

Quite the contrary. Here is where you do buy. You can buy a house in the T3 zone here for land value. My house in Shirley has dropped in value from $NZ500k to $300k .
That make the lucrative renting prospect better still. The motels are full of tradesmen paying huge prices. You rent my place you get firwood, car, internet, phone all care no responsibilty.

My flood pump biffed out 30 metres of eater into the street, at high tide, no problems.

The earthquake did $20,000 damage, big deal, my back hurts but I picked up the silt myself.
EQC is a figment of imagination