Friday, May 25, 2012

I say 'GOOD' to more taxation

"The taxman is making a grab for up to $245 a year from children working at the local supermarket, shop or on a paper run – tax they used to be able to claim back.
Children earning less than $2340 a year will no longer be able to claim back the tax they pay through formal employment...."


This will teach kids that the government is not their friggin' friend!

There is a belief amongst young folk that the government gives you stuff. Now they will get their noses rubbed in where it gets said stuff.

Perhaps- and it's a forlorn hope- this will short circuit the first voting phase of new voters, where they go socialist in the flawed belief that they will 'get something' and move on to ' NONE of these arseholes are acting in anyones best interest, other than their own'.

Like execution as a deterrant- it will work for a few.

Hopefully enough to make a difference...


KG said...

Dunno, Os. It's just as likely to drive them into the clutches of Labour Entitleitis, since Labour will promise to wind the tax back.

Oswald Bastable said...

and they ARE dumb enough to believe this will happen... *sighs*

Ciaron said...

Has Labour ever wound back a tax?