Sunday, May 13, 2012


"There are no words strong enough to describe the horror captured in the images collected by child abuser Stephen John Laing.
There is also no way to prevent the 28-year-old, upon his release from jail, soliciting more material to trade in the murky online world he's created from inside his West Auckland home.
"He's had all the help in the world that's available to him and this is still happening," Judge Claire Ryan said at a court hearing a few days ago.
She sent the IT graduate to jail for a further five years. It was his fourth conviction..."

Anyone dealing in images of child rape needs to be put down, as a rabid dog too dangerous to let live.

In another article, regarding the permanent incarceration of the worst of these sick fuckers, it was mentioned that those paragons of virtue, the UN (spits), object to indefinite imprisonment.

Excuse me?

Did I see a UN party standing at the last election?

Exactly where is any kind of a mandate regarding to giving these criminal enablers the time of day?

Lock the UN up with the kid-fuckers. They should get on like a house on fire. AFTER ALL- IT'S ALL ABOUT FORCING YOUR WILL ON WHOEVER YOU CAN!


KG said...

Remind me....when was the last referendum held on whether or not Kiwis (and Aussies) should be bound by anything the U.N. decides?
Nobody ever asked me.

MathewK said...

It's something I've often wondered about, the judiciaries are harsher on rapists of women for example, but for some reason when it comes to little children, no matter how many you rape and brutalize we won't get a court to lock these vermin up and recommend a slow and painful death in prison.

Don't any of these people have children, perhaps they have a similar penchant for the young. I wonder.