Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Politicians- Proper policing prevents a pissed-off public

"...A police election year wishlist includes 1700 more officers and anti-social behaviour orders and curfews to target young criminals.

The Police Association says New Zealand needs the extra police to deal with growing violence and to bring police staff numbers in line with Australia..."

Policing MY way:

Give the police the power and tools needed to get out and in the criminal classes faces!

They need a restructure with separation of Police and traffic cops asap

Police need to be armed with Tasers and sidearms- shotguns to be carried in cars. Their training also needs to be stepped up in these areas. This isn't 1950 anymore!

Getting back to what we once had:

"...He called for community-imposed curfews on problem youths, and police powers to search for concealed weapons, to request identification from those breaching curfews and to issue "move on" directions.

Anti-social behaviour orders, which have been used in Britain since 1998, would help curb intimidating behaviour in both youths and adults.

The orders stop individuals entering particular areas or engaging in specific activities such as intimidation, wearing certain clothes or public swearing..."

YES!- they shouldn't have to pussyfoot around obnoxious drunks and druggies whatever their age. Also, the old offenses of 'Drunk and Disorderly' and 'Drunk in a public place' need to be resurrected. However, ASBO's don't appear to work in the UK, so I don't see why they would help here.

Obnoxious drunks should spend the night in an old-fashioned drunk tank cell, complete with wall-to-wall urine and vomit.

Curfews for minors should be brought in if approved by locals by referendum. Offenders to be locked up until uplifted by parents the next day.

Police need the power to tell loiterers to 'Move along' (I was surprised to discover they can't do this!)

DNA samples should be taken BUT only from convicted crims.

Police need to win back the respect of the public- seriously lacking these days.

Police need the resources to defend themselves. If that includes tasers, pepper spray, spring batons or firearms- so be it. They must answer for any use of these by way of an inquiry and be subject to the rule of not using grossly disproportionate force.

As should all citizens in good standing...

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