Friday, July 04, 2008

it's not about transport...

Well, a bit of of it is about the cost of transport- but mostly it's about an idea.

The idea that people seem to be finally becoming aware of.

That government has spread through our lives like a cancer As with so many cancers, it is at the point of killing you when you finally become aware of it.

We are about to get this cancer cut out. That much is obvious now.

But cancer has this nasty habit of coming back.

Today's protests- rather small beer on the world stage- serve notice that that apathy levels in NZ have finally been overcome. This SHOULD be a strong message to ALL parties that we are sick of being continually leeched upon to support the agendas of a few.

I know that NZ can be roused to far more meaningful demonstrations than a traffic jam. Study your history if you think this rhetoric.

Today's gesture was the first rocks tumbling down the slope before the landslide.

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