Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Meanwhile, the Banana Republic lives up to it's name

Free fruit delivered to schools


TWO Masterton schools have received their first batch of free fruit that their students will be getting every day for the next three years.

This is bloody bollocks- if you can't afford a banana or apple for your kids on a regular basis, you should have your reproductive organs torn off/out with a boathook!

You certainly shouldn't be using them to breed more!

How about an admission that the money spent previously on the 'Five plus a day' has been a complete and utter waste of OUR money?

Fat chance!

What next? low fat school milk?


Anonymous said...

Why is the Ministry of Health Funding this scheme? Lower decile schools already get additional funding from the government. If schools want to pay for fruit they should pay for it out of their own funding.

As for a waste of taxpayers money, it doesn't beat the Te Wananga O Aotearoa - $239 million in 2004.

Murray said...

Why should I feed my kids, thats the gummints job.

Tune in next week for:
Why should I buy my kids shoes, thats the gummints job.

Comming soon:
Why should I teach my kids to think for themselves, its the gummints job to tell them what to think and who to depend on the state.

It's just getting deeper and deeper round here. If parents are not taking care of their kids then take the kids EOS! Motivate the bastards, don't reinforce bad behaviour.

Libertyscott said...

yes and there is apparently no money for tax cuts - you can't be arsed paying for it yourself so the one in three dollars the government takes off you can be spent on doing what you should've done yourself.

Should there be any doubt about the affordability of tax cuts once you take the surplus AND this sort of nonsense?