Thursday, December 03, 2015

Is THIS the pivotal event?

Probably not.

It SHOULD be, but then, Beslan wasn't. That should have been, but we are immune to unspeakable acts in 'foreign' lands.

Be warned, this sort of atrocity is coming to New Zealand and the rest of the world so far mstly untouched by Muslim savages.

Whoever is calling the shots is a lot smarter than previous. Rather than big body counts, they are going for two person teams, who seem to be trained in rudimentary infantry skills (one shoots, one covers) and going for more soft targets than one big and more difficult one. Spread the terror. Twenty fanatics making up ten teams, gets more results than one high profile target.

Now maybe, just maybe- some of these assholes out there that go on about the religion of peace can get it through their thick skulls just how low these satanic spawn will go. Maybe.

I doubt it.

This shock me up a bit, as I have a VERY similar scenario in my current book, that come out as my protagonist is reading an old classified history book.

This is one bit of fiction that I wish had stayed that way.


j4d3 goat said...

It *should* be the pivotal event but I doubt that it will be. One wonders how many massacres by Muslim savages are needed before the sheeple wake up.

KG said...

The sheeple won't wake up. They'll rationalize and excuse and close their eyes and ears and pretend that it's all just a temporary misunderstanding.
And who can blame them? The media and "education" propaganda machines have done their work well.

KG said...

Remember the Washington sniper? A perfect demonstration of how just one or two shooters can paralyze a city.
This kind of distributed attack is impossible for intelligence agencies to forestall. Interesting times ahead....