Sunday, September 21, 2014


Looks like the unprincipled sheeple of NZ have decided how much socialism they want for another three years.

It could have been worse.

At least Winston don't get to call the shots and that Kraut crook and company have been shown the door.

Could it be that FINALLY the masses are learning not to believe what you see on tv?


ZenTiger said...

Maybe they finally got sick of being told what to believe.

paul scott said...

What happened was the most villainous, despicable and negative campaign in New Zealands history, it brought many of us so much grief toward our own Country:
They are in total denial,over at the Standard and Daily prog it was a rigged election you see. It had to be they say; there is no other explanation

the conservative said...

I think Key played it brilliantly in the end trumping Snowden, Greenwald, and Dotcom. He made them look like fools.

The way he played that clearly shows why he is still in power...the other idiots could not do that and people recognised that and turned out in force for Key.