Monday, January 20, 2014

6.2 eathquake felt in Masterton

"It was so scary that my 8-year old son had trouble rolling a joint" reported Sharleen Slutly,  mother of eight.

The eastern side of Masterton was extensivly damaged, with property damage estimated to be in the area of $23.78

A large crowd has gathered at the the local WINZ office demanding emergency benefits to urgently replace spilt Codys and Tui.


PM of NZ said...

From the MSM pix you could be forgiven for thinking the only other damage sustained in the quake was some model eagle fell off its perch. Seems a reporter had nothing better to do whilst at Wellytown Airport two feet above sea level waiting to see if there'd be a tsunami.

That aside, it was some decent sustained ground movement here in Dannevegas 80Km from ground zero.

Normally inside house, moving with any quake that hits, this time we were outside gardening, so it was a queer perspective to see how much the house and other things like power poles actually moved whilst stood in the middle of the lawn. Well prepped for such events, some books on floor, nil damage.

Oi said...

As usual, never felt a bloody thing.
I'm beginning to feel slighted.

Possibly too far away for this one though......

KG said...

LOL! Spot-on, Oswald.

the conservative said...

It's global warming for sure!