Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sod off you self-serving wankers

"New Zealand roads are becoming increasingly perilous as sentimental owners refuse to let go of their ageing and unsafe cars.
People needed to scrap their older cars so the average age of the New Zealand car fleet could be reduced from 13.8 years, Motor Trade Association marketing and communications general manager Ian Stronach said.
Older cars posed a risk because of their lack of safety features and often high levels of exhaust emissions, which can be compounded by a lack of regular servicing, Stronach said.
"New Zealanders are renowned for their ingenuity and ability to make do with equipment and facilities that in other countries would be regarded as being well past its use-by date.
"We seem to have an enduring relationship with older vehicles and as long as it is still going, it doesn't need to be scrapped..."
Yes, play the ' safety' card. It's all about the MT frickin' A trying to sell more cars. I have older cars because I see no need to spend money buying newer ones when the ones I have run perfectly well. The MTA can kiss my arse. The only real safety feature is the person behind the wheel.
Damned right it doesn't need to be scrapped if it is running well. It is also a matter of what we can afford. If you want to be fucking green, keep what you have working well. the energy to make a new one far exceeds the minuscule gains in fuel economy.


Psycho Milt said...

They pose a risk? And yet my insurance company charges me a lower premium for driving an old car. Of course, that's because of things like the people who own such cars tend not to drive like cunts, not because of wank like safety features.

Ciaron said...
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KG said...

"The only real safety feature is the person behind the wheel."
And since when was it the job of the Herald and Stuff to carry free propaganda for the MTA, disguised as "news"?