Sunday, March 03, 2013

Some animals are more equal than others

Angry comments about the officer's actions have already peppered social media sites and talkback radio. He's been called "gung ho" and "over-eager" by some, said Rodney police area commander, Senior Sergeant Scott Webb..."
Feckin' incredible! A shark kills a man and the cop who shoots at it has now offended the 'animals are more important than us' loons!
As for the SPCA- they have gone from crazy cat-worshiping single women to just plain barking mad, with the following statement from the chief fish-hugger:
"...most people understood the risks of swimming at sea, and killing a shark for its actions was unnecessary..."
I do wonder what is REALLY in those drums of chemicals I put in the water...


KG said...

Ignorant mob hysteria fanned by "social media" droogs.....just whatt we need.

KG said...

You can keep the extra t. I have plenty. :)