Sunday, December 23, 2012

For those who like to bag the USA

The old line of ' Only in America' is a load of arse.

Happened here once...


KG said...

And Norway and Germany and Finland and Britain.....
But the anti-Americans don't want facts, do they?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You know it's not too hard to feel sympathy for the perpetrator here.

He kept his kids home from school from time to time to help but potatoes and beans on the table. No WINZ in them days.

He was tormented and taunted by smart Alecs who thought it was clever to put a fellow man down.

Little wonder he thought someone had killed his horse, without which he wo0uld struggle to earn a crust.

Sounds to me as though the poor bastard was driven insane by the low life pricks in the community.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Forgot to add, Charles Krauthammer has some interesting commentary on the rise of the civil libertarians and the resulting decline in the number of nutters being committed to involuntary incarceration.

It seems the nutters' civil rights are more important the lives of their school child targets.

KG said...

"Sounds to me as though the poor bastard was driven insane by the low life pricks in the community."
Sounds to me that there was a large element of that involved too, Adolf.
And he wouldn't be unique by any means.
The current version of the same thing would be fathers driven over the edge by the family courts and false allegations by disgruntled spouses.

KG said...

The "community based care" of nutters is nothing more than governments trying to pass the costs of caring for the mentally ill on to the families, who are not equipped to cope.
Not only are they not equipped, it prevents them from earning a living in many cases, so the taxpayer funded allowances have to substitute.
It's a cynical, destructive and dangerous non-solution.