Monday, November 27, 2006

An idea...

A thought I had this morning:

Why not keep schools open all year round, with flexible holdiay times?

The shopping centers would be more bearable, busineses wouldn't have the hassle of staff having to all be off at the same time minding kids and the kids would get a bit more schooling (half the time they are just arsing about anyway!)

It's a win all round- match the kid's holidays in with the 3 (soon 4) weeks that their parents have.

The school holiday setup is hopelessly outdated, being set up to coincide with the peak demands for farm labour- haymaking and so on. Most of us don't live rurally anymore and most of that sort of work is mechanised now. (anyone who thinks that is a bad thing never had to load hay bales onto a truck in 30+ heat!)

The rest of us, bar a few pen-pushers don't even work the 8 hour day, Monday-Friday anymore.

Time for the schools to move with the times!


Anonymous said...

Thar will only acheived over the dead bodies of teachers, not necessarily a bad thing by the way.

Unknown said...

I'm sold.

And further I say they stay in school until they bloody well pass at UE standard.

If they can't do it by 25 they become indentured labor for public works and are chemically sterilized.

Deadman said...

Not running for father of the year, are you?


Anonymous said...

What ever did happen to the 8 hour day? Or overtime rates for that matter in most jobs.

As for school holiday hell. ETA 3 weeks and the teens are already haughting the malls.

Mrs Smith said...

I would like to argue in favour of keeping the school holidays how they are... I like knowing that there are certain times of the year than one can venture out in public without being surrounded by screeching teenagers.