Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Impending Doom

In the past, I have often made predictions that have come to pass, despite being told by 'experts' that I'm blowing smoke out my arse!

For instance, in reply to my speculations:

"Games will Never be developed for 486 machines- those are for serious business users!"

"Nobody would go to a small bar that served only wine and bottled beer and didn't have a band"

"The Internet will only be used by nerds and academics "

"Wine will never be popular in New Zealand"

"cellphones will only ever be used by businessmen"

OK, these are more a reflection on the myopia of others.

My prediction now:

We will have what amounts to another World War, by about the end of the decade. Riots, such as those in Paris, will be on-going throughout the Western world (and probably most of the rest) Most of the world will be like Northern Ireland was, so recently.

Yes, here, in New Zealand, too!

I also predict a backlash against the whole PC kid-gloves treatment of other cultures. As with backlashes, the pendulum will invariably swing too far, with mass deportations, gulags and all that goes with them. Totalitarian governments will become the norm- look to the US for this, as agencies lobby for legislation to give them more and more power.

We still need to take a lot more pain before this happens, but I feel it coming.

Why is this happening?

Those who despise our way of life have found a major breach in our defenses and are cleverly exploiting it. We cannot speak out against the very cancer that is spreading- that is called 'Hate speech' (gag!) and carries hefty penalties.

It's easier to police than a rioting mob, too...

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