Thursday, September 01, 2005

Electioneering shit-fights

XNC2 is alway political, but never more than just before an election (It has been in existance for two of these)

There are several factions:

The piss-takers- everyone is far game.

The vocal lefties (about 3 or 4 but fuck do they make a racket!)

The others, who tend to be more centralist

The Helen-worshipers are quite amusing in their blind adherance to the 'Red Flag'

Interestingly, at least two of them are, by their own admission well-off, one admitting to an income of 6 figure and the other hinting at that (wealthy family,etc)

They are a pair of fuckin' space cadets, one in IT and the other a fuckin' 'artist', who has produced a couple of (probably) state funded 'books', that would have the same reading audience of a catholic abortion guide!

One can take the shit and give it back, the other repeatedly threatens to run to the cops over 'libel' issues. Like they give shit!

We have about 6 Libertarianz in this group, who sound moderate by comparison!

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