Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nobody expects the Spanish Inqisition!

Or the Cigarette Gestapo!

Honestly, with all that is going on in our world, can't you wannabe Dick Tracy types GET OUT AND CATCH SOME CROOKS!

I mean- what is this shit:

"...A 14-year-old volunteer, the Wairarapa DHB Public Health Smokefree enforcement officer and a Ministry of Health Enforcement Officer visited 12 Masterton and three Carterton dairies recently checking to see if retailers were selling cigarettes to minors in a Controlled Purchase Operation..."

Do these pricks dress up in a Fedora and a black leather trenchcoat and pose in front of the mirror at night, practicing saying "papers!" in a menacing tone?

Get real jobs!


KG said...

Sigh...all this to control the use of a substance that is, in any case, still perfectly legal.
It's "for the children" you know..*spit*
They'll be chanting that when they round citizens up to ship 'em off to the gulags. The statist bastards.

MathewK said...

They probably fine for breaches of this law, nice little cash cow. If only leftists were as serious about real crime as they were about hounding you over parking & speeding fines.

Anonymous said...

The same "enforcement officer" has created a pink compulsory questionnaire form that must be filled out by the nurse for every person who registers to see a doctor in the Emergency department. The form is filed in that person's notes.
Fascist bastards.

Anonymous said...

Leave it out. One cop doing this is one less personing a radar in the name of safety on those long straights in the Wairarapa. Being a non smoker but avid speeder its a bargain I reckon.

Oz will know the 100kph sign at the bottom of the Rimutaka Hill on his side. Its not a target it says. Nah, its not a target because its not hard to achieve. Must change it to 200.

KG said...

hmm..I wasn't aware that health bureaucrats manned radar traps.

Anonymous said...

I dont think anyone can claim ignorance of the effects of smoking these days, so with that in mind, anyone who wants to do it and pay the hefty tax that comes with, is most certainly welcome to the early grave... but the purveyors MUST excersise good judgement and if that means asking for I.D., so be it.

Anonymous said...


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