Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I Hate Radio!

If I wanted annoying prattle in my ear all day long, I would buy a Cockatoo!

The next time I buy any kind of sound equipment, it will be without a radio tuner. People in my house have this annoying habit of turning it on, then leaving the bloody room!

I can't stand it! Some moronic twenty-something wanking on about nothing in the morning, whinging pensioners on the talkback and a news service designed by Americans with ADD, who think no nwes is worth of more than a short sentence. Unless it is sport, in which case they wank on about that for the next ten minutes.

The music is always something I don't actually want to listen too, at that time, or more usually, at any time.

As for Crazy Frog, lets not even go there!

Why people have a need to listen to 'Breakfast Shows' is beyond me. All I want before 10am is coffee and a big helping of Shut The Fuck Up from anyone near me.

I don't do mornings...

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Ms Vile File said...

I cannot agree more. I hate that drivel they spout. I used to listen to Cool Blue (now unfortunately off the airwaves) - no nauseating DJ's, only one or two ad breaks an hour, no pensioners shrieking the sky is falling...NO TALKING AT ALL. It was great.