Tuesday, January 30, 2007

No more Mr Nice Guy!

The gloves are off over at CYFSWATCH

They have upped the stakes and posted a *MOST INTERESTING* piece about Panty-Slut Boy.

Follow the link above to read all the sordid details!


The article has been removed, for reasons of copyright. having seen some well-reasoned arguments for and against, I'm now of the opinion that the CYFSWATCH site was not the right place for that post.

Keeping the moral high ground only strengthens the site's case. Although I understand the need for some folks to vent!



Unknown said...

I'm starting to wonder if child abuse is actually a policy.

Anonymous said...

Just google Minister of sexual deviancy

see who comes up

Oi said...

While the deviant maggot needs deep sixing along with the rest of that evil crew, I'm not sure what this will achieve at cypswatch, except to pour fuel on the fires.

I think it detracts from the horror stories posted by those who have suffered grieviously at the hands of CYPS.

Oswald Bastable said...

I believe the whole point is that he is the Minister of Social Development.

It's quite like a crim being Minister of Police.

Or a liar and fraudster being in government.....hang on...!

Oi said...

I hear what you say and agree up to this point.......
That a diatribe on this worthless sack of shit really should be on another venue - IMHO, it takes attention from the dreadful harrowing stories that are a feature on the site.

Anonymous said...

If true (and while I haven't looked I wouldn't be surprised if it is) he clearly isn't fit to hold his office. Despite that I think the site would be better to remove it to be seen as trying to hold a moral high ground and to ensure the focus stays where it should - on keeping kids safe. H1 must be sweating and rightly so. Where's the mainstream press on DBP? All part of the same club and keeping their heads down it seems.

Write Disability said...

Remove it... keeping kids safe? Keep perspective, he is the MINISTER for goodness sake. Do you understand how a government is structured?

BTW - I note Barnett & Carter are also implicated... the homo-aroused media might have to look around and admit that everyone is not buggering everyone else and their dogs.

Anonymous said...

Whatever mate, DBP is a sick F@#K.Do you honestly believe someone who has an interest in bd, s&m is fit to be in charge of a department which in theory looks out for families best interests?

Unknown said...

This man is a pervert who acted out his fetishes on other peoples children in his classroom and now he is responsible for the department that is required to protect our children.

If that isn't the appropriate place to raise the issue where the hell is?

Oi said...

I dunno Murray - no doubt there is such a place.

I dont propose to get into a war, but I dont believe cypswatch is that place.
It takes away attention? Mana? - [searching for the right word here] from the real victims, those posting their experiences.

Unknown said...

As far as I can see it rather shows that the department is rotten from the top down.

The person at the top is exactly the sort of person CYFS should be trying to keep kids away from.

Just my opinion said...

I couldn't even find the piece, but there is a lot of horrible stuff going on in there. I can't see the reason why the left are wanting to ban this site!

Anonymous said...

If alerted that a parent was into bdsm, would cyfs remove his/her children into care?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ash. Those bloody stone throwers! It just seems that cyfswatch isn't the right place for DBP and his wierd friends to be hung out. Maybe its because its the taking the focus off the kids. They tug my heart strings far more than DBP's weights tug his knacker sack or whatever(just guessing here). DBP and his sicko mates should be dealt to for sure but somewhere else and in a more accountable and damaging way. Helen, you there? The useless MSM have a lot to answer for.

ZenTiger said...

Removing the DBP article was not about hammering DBP, it was taking R18 material off the site at the request of Investigate Magazine.

CFYSWatch considered the request and removed it.

Which just goes to show how reasonable they are when given a reasonable request.

Unknown said...

Actually it was a copywrite issue.

Mrs Smith said...

If every politician who liked a bit of slappy-slappy was kicked out of office, England would an anarchist state.

Unknown said...

Mrs Smith the prima facie evidence is that this man is a sexual deviant who acts out bondage fetishes in the classroom and likes to watch little girls getting changed. He has still not issued any denial with regard to his involvement with Southern Kinx. He has also traded on what a normal mainstream family man he is.

Any father who had caught him at it at the time would have taken him out and been given a free pass by any jury.

I have no interest in what the English allow their elected staff do.

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