Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Live comfortably on a low income

It can be done!

But it needs qualities so many are lacking- imagination, planning and discipline.

Here is my sage advice-all real stuff that I have done/do!

SKY- don't go there!
HP- don't go there either
Credit cards- see the above

Find a bank that has a fixed fee for eftpos- my National bank account has a monthly $5 cap on eftpost transaction fees.

Second- hand clothes, especially from the Sallies & other non-profit shops
Wool and polar flecce- wear it and keep the heater off.
Label clothing- don't, unless it is second hand.
Clothing trucks are for seperating fools from money

Don't buy packaged or pre-prepared food.
Learn who sell what cheapest- keep a notebook on staples prices.
If you are not working, you have time to visit the all the supermarkets and glean the best of the specials. If you wouldn't normally buy it, it isn't a 'special'.
Unwashed potatoes are far cheaper.
If you don't have one, buy an Edmonds cookbook- 'The destitute gourmet' is another good one.
Plan a weekly menu, to take advantage of what is on special that week.
A sack of spuds, bag of flour and a tray of eggs will always give you something to fall back on.
Freeze bread and defrost it as you require it.
Take a calculator, pencil and paper to the supermarket.
Work out the cost per gram (packages come in different sizes to stop you making easy comparisons)

Free firewood can often be gleaned from parks, reserves and demolition sites
Don't use cellphones, except to take a call or in emergencies. The world won't end if a converstion has to wait for you to get to a landline.
Brew your own beer.
Wine can be made from free fruit- as can jam and perserves- don't know how- see below.

Join a library. Read 'How to' books. They also have DVD's & videos cheap.
Reading in the library during winter nights kept my power bills down when I lived in Christchurch!

Games consoles are cheap-they make their money on the games. Just don't go there.


Brian Smaller said...

All that stuff is too hard. I woul djust go and get an emergency grant from WINZ... a lot easier.

Murray said...

Tell us about the emergency grant brian.

Anonymous said...

First let me point out - I am an educated high income earner!

2 years ago I was unemployed and it took me 5 months to get a job. By the forth month the bank ( I had a mortgage) recommended I go to WINZ as my OD was very high.

It was like getting blood out of a stone. With a mortgage (on my own) of $340 per week I got $240 in unemployment/accomodation and special benefit from WINZ.

How do you bugdet on that!!!!

I think some people know how to work the system. I didn't and nearly lost my house.

Anonymous said...

Your satirical writing is unsurpassed Os. By comprison the Kiwi Herald's piece is cumbersome.
Poor Children to Blame

Murray said...

You missed toll bar btw.

liberty through profit said...

poors man's taxes like the TAB, pokies, smoking, lotto, etc should also get a mention.

Anonymous said...

Another few budget saves you missed.
If you don't have 3 reasons to go somewhere in the car don't use the car, the word urgent only counts once.
If you don't have a car don't get one, they are money drains.
You can budget the amount of electricity you use so no drier, no unnecessary lights, no heater don't use the oven if the stove or microwave will do.
Short measure the soappowder when washing clothes - the clothes will still be clean.
An internet connection is often cheaper than the daily paper.

Brian Smaller said...

I have been turning off all appliainces that have a standby mode at the wall. Also the stove (who needs the littel clock on it anyway) and the microwave. We had two TVs in our house and we have saved 10% of our power consumption without even trying.

Rhys The Shit said...

+1 to that!!
I cant say how much I agree with you!!
If there is anything I can add is use public transport not cars or even just use bikes or walk!
Also with the second hand shops like Sallies they are good for that loser Bob Geldof's Complaint of us not donating enough money (even though I dont think he put that into the calculation :S )
also dont Double Dip (Getting the benifit and also working) if you get caught you get a biigggg fine which will surely put you in debt so its not worth it.